Highest Light Pendulums
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Our Highest Light Pendulums have traditionally been one of our bestsellers. Handcrafted by our Office Manager, Vicki Harding, these beautiful pendulums are used to help you discern that which is for your Highest Good. With a little practice, you'll be using your pendulum to give you accurate direction in all your decision-making. You can specify your preferred color or Vicki will consult the pendulums to se which one is right for you. Artist: Vicki Harding

"Thank you! My new pendulum is beautiful - exactly the colors I would have chosen myself!" Pam

Dear Vicki,
I just arrived home from the Post Office picking up my Perfect Pendulum! 'Thank you' just doesn't seem enough, but that'll do for now. I absolutely LOVE it - it's perfect for me. Your skill in deciding what someone will like is simply remarkable. My deepest gratitude and Love to you.

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Highest Light Pendulums

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