The Law of Agreement

The Law of Agreement is superfood for the mind and written from the heart. Chock full of new stories and brand new information, it takes up where the other Intenders books leave off. The Law of Agreement was recently picked up by Weiser Books and is now published in trade paperback. It is also available here as an AudioBook (read by the Author) in a 3 CD Set or MP3 - or as an Ebook which you can download immediately.

Here is a short excerpt from The Law of Agreement


"A lot of people nowadays are talking about the Law of Attraction and the Law of Allowing, however there is another Law which also begins with the letter A that is just as important - and yet, we in the Intenders are among the very few who are even talking about it. It's called the Law of Agreement and, simply put, the Law of Agreement says, agreement reinforces reality. Said another way, your agreement with any belief or idea makes it stronger.

We can easily see how this works by looking at an example. If, for instance, one person believes it's a good idea for all of us to go jump off of a cliff, well, then it's not very likely to happen. If, however, 100 people agree that it's a good idea to jump off a cliff, then the idea gets a little stronger. Taken a step further, if, enough people - say, 100,000 people - agree that cliff jumping is a great idea, pretty soon we're all standing in line at the edge of the cliff waiting our turn to jump.

It gets even more interesting when we stop to consider that every belief system we have exists only because we agree on it. Indeed, our agreements are the building blocks of our realities; they are the very foundation upon which our beliefs are built. Not one belief, large or small, would exist for long without our agreement to it . . .

Put still another way, your agreement is your point of power, and you can add to or weaken any idea or commonly held belief simply by making a choice. We have with us, in each moment of our lives, the ability to discern - to decide whether something is working for us or not - and to choose to agree with it and make it stronger, or to say, "Hey, I don't think it's such a good idea for us to jump over that cliff. In fact, cliff jumping never really got us anywhere in the past and it doesn't look remotely like it's going to give us the results we're looking for in the future. I think I'll pass!"


The Law of Agreement
Table of Contents

I. Those Same Old Tricks
The Old Sleight of Name Trick
The Vanishing Money Trick
You Can Manifest A Free Place To Live
The Great Disease Deception
MaryAnn's Story
Q's Story
Playing Catch
Aging For Sale
The Storm and Sickness Seasons
The Old Separation Scam
Programming our Preschoolers
An Open Letter to Our Young Adults
The Last Trick in the Box

II. Taking Your Power Back
The Commiseration Agreement
Contractual Agreements
Conscious Agreements
Rescinding Agreements
Tools for Discernment

III. The Law of Adversity
Our Continuous Comfort Zone

IV. Community - The Together Agreement
The Magical Flow
Communities Who Really Care
The Family of One
Our Invisible Community

V. The Power Agreements

VI. The 2012 Agreement


Praise for The Law of Agreement

"I love this book! I make margin notes as I read a book, and I count 45 places where I wrote Yes! or Wow! or Right! or Insightful!, etc. Because it goes a long way toward making the world a better place, The Law of Agreement may be one of the most important books you will ever read." ~Wilma E. Bennett, Ph.D., author of Vibrations: A Visitor's Guide to Planet Earth

"Bravo! Once again, Tony Burroughs is way ahead of his time with a unique perspective about one of the most powerful, yet rarely talked about, phenomena of our lives. The Law of Agreement gives the reader an enlightened window on something that rules every aspect of life: the 'agreements' we make with ourselves concerning what we believe about life. This is a must read book for anybody seeking clarity and exponential growth on their life journey." ~Richard D. Blackstone, author of Nuts & Bolts Spirituality and Waking up the Sleepwalkers

"The beauty of The Law of Agreement is in the grace of the writer. Tony Burroughs writing style is joyful; you can feel it when you read his words. Indeed, Tony has given us a moment to pause and recognize that we do not have to agree with the status quo when it is not in our best interests. We can withhold our agreements and know that the changes we seek in our lives can truly be realized by making new agreements. In this way, The Law of Agreement has become an operational manual for our daily interactions." ~Karen Monteverdi, author of Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society

"I love this book! I wish everyone would read it! Out beyond the law of attraction is The Law of Agreement having our world work for all of us. This beautiful, powerful, and joy filled book teaches us very simply and clearly how we can make it happen." ~ Jo Ann Rotermund -- speaker, workshop leader, and author of The Forgiveness Habit

"Tony Burroughs brings visionary information to his readers in clear, comprehensible terms. This book will help you understand and apply the new paradigm principles that will usher you into The Intuition Age. These are skills that pertain to working with energy and awareness, and they will make life much easier for you!" ~Penney Peirce, author of Frequency and The Intuitive Way

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The Law of Agreement

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