The Intenders Handbook: A Guide to the Intention Process


Our lives are to be enjoyed to the fullest. We did not come to this beautiful, abundant Earth to go without all of the good things that life has to offer. Our desires are in us to be fulfilled; and they can be fulfilled with a minimum of effort by using the laws of direct manifestation.


"The Intenders are on the fast track! We don't dwell on the dramas. We transmute them by going directly to the positive side and intending exactly how we want things to come out.

We share our dreams, instead of our dramas."

The Intenders Handbook has sold over 100,000 copies through the internet and workshops alone! In it you will learn:


  • Five Easy Steps of The Intention Process (page 22)
  • How to select the exact words that get you the most powerful immediate results (page 42)
  • Six words to never use. If you are using these six words in your prayers, affirmations, intentions or other manifestation processes, you are GUARANTEED to FAIL (page 16)
  • Three key truths you can count on that make The Intention Process work wonders for you! (page 6)
  • The prime ingredient that keeps you winning all the time (page 23)
  • The best way to deal with negativity, diseases, poverty, and other obstacles to reaching your Highest Good (page 45)
  • The Worlds Best Insurance Policy to make sure you get what you REALLY want AND ensure you WANT it when you GET it! (page 25)
  • A special type of "sound" you can make to enhance your results (page 28)
  • How to share The Intention Process with others or create an Intentional Community and multiply your results (page 33)
  • A simple 16-item checklist to track your progress and keep you Intending at the highest level (page 41)
  • How to keep moving forward if you get stuck (page 51)
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (page 53)
  • The Code: Ten Intentions for a Better World (page 64)
  • Two templates you can use to copy and write your intentions (pages 68-69)

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The Intenders Handbook: A Guide to the Intention Process

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