The Intention Process DVD

Now its easy to start your own Intenders Circle with our new DVD, The Intention Process - A Guide for Conscious Manifestation and Community-Making.

Join Intenders from Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, California and Hawaii as they participate in an Intenders Circle. Along with thousands of others, they have discovered The Intention Process and what it can do for them. Simply by saying their Intentions daily and gathering together with their friends once a week in an Intenders Circle, they are making all their dreams come true.

The Intenders Circle, with its easy-to-follow 8-step format, always leaves you feeling uplifted, "like your feet are barely touching the ground."

This unique DVD gives you all the tools you need to start your own Intenders Circle!

"I've seen so many things manifest since we started these Intenders Circles - jobs, relationships, marriages, cars and money. I've seen people blossom from the heart. I've seen people who were shy open up. And I've seen dreams come true."

The Intention Process DVD

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