Get What You Want: The Art of Making and Manifesting Your Intentions by Tony Burroughs

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The tenet of Get What You Want is simple, powerful, and profound: "that which you are reaching toward is also reaching out toward you." For the first time, Tony gathers many key teachings from The Intenders into one book. Get What You Want: The Art of Making and Manifesting Your Intentions shows how to have your desires come to you as effortlessly as possible.

We are very pleased to announce that Viva Editions has purchased the rights to publish our Intenders Bridge Messages into a full length book. They have changed the title to Get What You Want: The Art of Making and Manifesting Your Intentions and they have also rearranged the formatting and put it together into one beautifully bound 365 page volume.

Over the years we have had so many people ask us to bring The Bridge Messages out in a book format and we had been intending that this happen when our good friend at Viva Editions, Brenda Knight, presented us with a prospectus for getting this wonderful information out to the world on a much larger scale. Get What You Want hits the shelves of all the major bookstores in October 2012 and we will be touring again from Ashland to Albuquerque in the months of October and November doing book signings, etc.

You can order your copy now and we will send it to you immediately OR you can order the Ebook and Download it instantly!.

Praise for Get What You Want

"I must say that it (Get What You Want: The Art of Making and Manifesting Your Intentions) arrived, much needed, at the perfect moment, and I am being uplifted and enjoying it immensely! I can testify from personal experience that the principles and practice of Conscious Intention and Manifestation that Tony Burroughs and the Intenders of The Highest Good have "downloaded" from a Higher Source, developed, and set forth in this book, will transform and elevate every aspect of your daily life in the most magical and amazing way, while inspiring and guiding your Soul to rise to Its Highest Calling!.... Much needed information for us all in these most challenging of times!"
~Maria Muldaur,
Multi Grammy nominated singer, producer, peace activist, and environmental advocate

"With a ringing testimonial from the publisher at the beginning of the book (she relates how the unpublished manuscript changed her life), Burroughs latest book is almost alive with the energy of joy and abundance. Filled with esoteric/spiritual wisdom, it is intended to be a magical tool. Readers are meant to open the book spontaneously to one of the 120 messages in the book and receive the words of wisdom that will help them in the moment. Well-rounded and compassionate, the book picks up where more self-serving manifestation techniques leave off."
~Anna Jedrziewski
Retailing Insight

"If you say hello to me, I will probably start evangelizing about the success I've had making and manifesting my Intentions. I feel honored to be a part of bringing Get What You Want to the world because I know this book contains great truths that can help us all."
~Brenda Knight
Associate Publisher and founding editor of Viva Editions

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Here is a short excerpt from Get What You Want

"Before we can have true freedom we have to be able to learn from our experiences. This means that we stop repeating the same behavior that has been causing us discomfort, and instead, change our attitudes and actions. This is how we achieve a different result, one that serves us and everyone around us better.

As our light seeks for its fullest radiance we will gradually slide out from under the shadows of others who would continue to control us as long as we let them, and step into our own sovereign power, independent and strong in the knowledge that each and every one of us is free to create to our heart's content, that we are helped every step of the way, and that nothing can stop us unless we allow it."

Tony Burroughs is an author, storyteller, and a cofounder of The Intenders of the Highest Good, a grassroots community movement with Intenders Circles in countries all over the world. Also the author of the very popular daily email message program "The Bridge," which is the foundation upon which Get What You Want was created. Burroughs lives near Mount Shasta, CA.

Here are a few more of the many letters of Gratitude for The Bridge

Dear Tony,
This morning I read the Bridge Reminder #118 Humility and it touched my heart so much. I am writing to let you know that each and every one of your messages has been instrumental in my life and I appreciate them beyond words. Often when I am having difficulty, a message will come from the Reminders the very day that I had been praying for an answer. I have sent these around the world to friends who were searching for answers. You are a very special gift in our lives and I will always remain grateful to you. Have a grand and glorious day.
Kass Callaghan
Sonoma, California

Remarkable how these keep aligning with me in the exact moment. Can't thank you enough for these. Of all the subscriptions, blogs, message boards, ya-da, yours has been the most timely and powerful. Thanks for being you, and for the difference you make in this world.
Ted Tilton
Colorado Springs, CO

Hello Intenders,
Thank you so much for the wonderful messages that you send. I look forward to receiving them and they never fail to make me feel uplifted or prod me to change my thoughts about something so I can see it in a different way. I want you to know that you bless my life with these emails. Thank you!
Pat Yurick
Titusville, FL

Hello Tony,
I received this morning the Reminder #53 and I just want to thank you for these beautiful messages ! This Reminder just re-confirmed what is happening RIGHT NOW in my life. The unlimited abundance that is available to us all; that we CAN speak directly to Him and all the Love, Joy and Peace that we can experience IF we but only open ourselves up to it. What an amazing experience it is for me ! Thank you to you and the team assisting you with this GREAT task of helping others in setting them free. May the Intenders go from strength to strength in the days to come.
Love, Joy and Peace.
Arno Theron
South Africa

Amen, Tony!!
Bridge Reminder #81 is awesome!!! Thank you so much for all you are and all you do!!!
Blessings, Peace, Love,
Donna Jo Bergman
Mansfield, TX

Hello Intenders,
Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you! It always seems when I read,"The Bridge" it's perfect for that moments.........but today's was spot on! I have been laying awake at night wondering why this person is so mad and hurtful towards me. I've been really working on not taking it personal or reacting. Wow, thanks I needed that! You're Awesome and a True Gift to The World! Thank-you from the bottom of my heart!
Kim Mazzuca
Federal Way, Washington

Hi Tony,
I have been blessed by your emails. I would love to help promote this important message. I already link to your site. I am starting an internet radio show and would love to interview you . Would you be interested?
Lonna Bartley


I love you Tony Burroughs, you are such a pure, positive gift and I am so grateful to be connected with you. Thank you so much for all that you offer and give. Of all the teachers out the like those featured in The Secret and Abraham Hicks, what makes you so different and so refreshing is your utter sincerity, simplicity, and dedication to staying humble and real. I haven't yet found an Intenders Group in my area, but just reading your books and receiving your emails and putting the intention process to work in my life morning and night has produced amazing miracles and magic in my life and my kitties and my loved ones too!!! Take care and all the blessings from the Universe to you Tony, you ROCK!!!!
Shelley Katrina

My heart is full of love and thankfulness for the service you are providing for us. So often I open my mailbox and find an uplifting, inspiring, or thought provoking message that is exactly what I need at that moment. Bless you for all that you are doing. I feel blessed to have been led to you. Your messages in my mailbox have helped me to reach this place of peace. My heartfelt love to you.
God Bless
Cathryn Green
United Kingdom

The Intenders Messages are the best one can find anywhere. Thanks for spreading such highest level thoughts/wisdom to the people around the world.
Girish Telang

Dear Intenders,
Just a little note to thank you all for the wisdom of your words. You send them freely to me, and I know it is from the heart. Continue your work, and may you all be blessed in this endevouring project. We should all contribute to the awakening of our mother earth's children.
Light and Love to you
! Vivi Held

Hello Tony,
I have finally found a way to offer my "Very Sincere Thank You". I cannot begin to tell you how vital the messages sent to me from the Intenders Bridge have been in keeping me keeping on. I want to also say how much I value this contribution to the betterment of mankind. Thank you for your time and beautiful inspiration and may your wonderful energy return to you tenfold.
Sincere regards and Love
Anne Coplestone
New Zealand

Hello Intenders,
I just want to thank you for your daily messages. They mean a lot to me and they support my growth and evolution. Thank you!!
Felicia Desrosiers
Holistic Health Counselor



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